About Us

Made with LOVE

Kristin Green provides handmade global certified organic fabrics in baby, kids products and also eco-friendly fabrics in home accessories. All products are designed by Kristin Green founder who has two kids and understands it is important to reduce in using chemical substances products. She also loves to hand make different fabric products for her family and friends.

We introduce tasteful homeware with high quality fabrics fused with refinement that create a unique piece for your loved one.

All products are uniquely handmade at Kristin Green Studio in Hong Kong

Pick your OWN PRINTs from our import collection of cotton fabrics from Japan, Europe as well as organic fabrics from USA.

-CUSTOM MADE to your requested designes, sizes, fabric patterns.
-PERSONALIZED embroidery service are available
Thank you for shopping with us. We hope to connect and establish an enduring relationship with you who share a love of the basic lifestyle that is Kristin Green;be it with your kids, your family or your pets.

Kristin Green 提供訂造有機認證及環保布類產品,亦有專為嬰兒、小童及家庭設計一系列的布類用品。
Kristin Green 所有產品均由Kristin Green 創辨人設計, 她育有兩位小孩子,十分重視健康生活,亦明白減少使用化學物質對小朋友健康成長的重要性,再融合原創設計,製作出不同環保布料用品,給家人及朋友使用。
期望接觸到Kristin Green 產品的客人,同樣感受到我們的熱誠及用心的製作。